Honorable Mention TOKYO-2019 Editorial / Photo Essay

Istanbul Old Town

  • Company
    Studio Maurizio Gjivovich
  • Photographer
    Maurizio Gjivovich
  • Technical Info
    Leica M / Leica Q Black And White Photo
  • Photo Date

istanbul represents the turkey that being changed, during the elections of the city, civil society, women and men are going to the squares and streets of the city to manifest their desire to change. Wanting to demonstrate their multiculturalism. In this work, contrasting their traditional culture with the many faces of a society that wants to change.   a city in black and white with strong contrasts, the world of istanbul told by photographer ara guler over the years still exists. that city exists and changes without erasing its history

Professional photographer. has published photo reports in international magazines, Specchio (Magazine La Stampa) Corriere magazine (Corriere della Sera), Magazine L'internazionale ( reportage of marocco 2005 ),Gente di Fotografia , Nital Sguardi 2005 ,Exibition in Rome Festival Fotoleggendo,Exibition in Perugia Photofestival 2013, Winner TAU Visual 2008. His reports explore complex political and social contexts; cooperate with the Agency La Presse, Editor IvreaFotofestival He was born in Ivrea (north of Italy) in 1975.