Formosa Aborigines

  • Company
    Hsuan Chung
  • Photographer
    Hsuan Chung
  • Technical Info
    Hasselblad Medium Format Camera, And Fuji Film Acros100
  • Photo Date
    Summer, 2018

Taiwan (Formosa) was an extremely beautiful island, and is said to be the origin of Austronesian languages. The ancestors of the aborigines were the guardians of Formosa; they lived on this land with modesty and discipline. They were humble, optimistic, simple, and courageous. However, the lack of opportunities for education had left them in a disadvantage when faced with one after another invasion.

Hsuan Chung is a passionate photographer who started his interest in photography when he was seventeen. During his college years in Taiwan, he taught himself all the skills and techniques of photography and became a professional newspaper journalist before graduation.During his time working on his degree, he participates in many events and works hard to promote his photography works. With less than a year from graduation, he plans to participate in fundraisers, exhibitions, and other artwork presentation platforms in order to show his works to the public and spread his messages.