Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 People / Portrait

Tous En Beauté

  • Company
    Sanjyot Telang Photography
  • Photographer
    Sanjyot Telang
  • Photo Date

Tous en Beauté is a portrait project in collaboration with the neurology department of l’Hôpital Trousseau in Paris with an objective to redefine beauty standards and make the fashion world accessible to all. Children between the ages of 7-19 yrs consulting with the neurological department participated, were styled and groomed for a portrait session where they received an opportunity to become models and show us the real meaning of beauty. Project duration - 15months

Sanjyot Telang is an Indian born photographer specialising in portraits & fashion stories. Her work in fashion & advertising highlights the spontaneity of her models and her style inspired by the European art. Particularly interested in the impact of social conventions & aesthetics of contemporary life, she seeks the unexpected. Cinema remains her principle inspiration but daily interactions, personal experiences & complex human emotions play an important role in her melancholic style. She lives in Paris since 2012 spinning stories & bridging the gap between fashion and journalism.