Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Architecture / Bridges

Dark Skies

  • Company
    Depth Of Field Management
  • Photographer
    Darryl Pitt
  • Technical Info
    Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex / Ektachrome / 30-sec Exposure / Do Not Recall Aperture
  • Photo Date
    Summer 1977

The figure on the ledge—which is myself—is not photoshopped. I was on a yet-to-be opened overpass of a new American highway (I-696). I had just returned from a summer of rock climbing and was comfortable up there—except for having to remain motionless during long time-exposures. I ran up and down a couple of times to frame and provide instruction to a non-photographer girlfriend who actually took the picture. There first time we did this I wasn't wearing a cap, and we returned to achieve separation between my head and the dark sky. Recently rediscovered, this has not been previously published.