Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 People / Portrait

1994 Borning In Rwanda After Apocalypse

  • Photographer
    Andrea Signori
  • Photo Date
    June-July 2018

How did the generation born in 1994 in Rwanda grow? How did all these boys and girls experience burden of genocide? What do they hope for their country and aspire for the future? In 1994 there were 400.000 orphans. The loss of their parents has severely marked the survivors. The country is developing very fast and they have to face a situation that doesn’t offer so many opportunities. 560.000 graduates are unemployed. Psychological aftermaths run through family and friends. Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the genocide. They hope for a better future but the legacy is still heavy

after the master's degree at the Roman school of photography I began to carry out reports in Italy and abroad, focusing mainly on social and economic aspects. I am currently contributor to the Parallelo Zero agency