Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Environmental

Fire In The Sky

  • Company
    Murakami Studio
  • Photographer
    Emerson Murakami
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D850, 14mm, F/11, 1/40s, Iso100
  • Photo Date

It was the sunset time, a big storm was forming with a strong wind in the Bolivia desert, the event was unique by itself, to make it better, the mixed of yellow and orange light coming from the sunset transform the sky. The result was this beautiful and unique image creates by nature. The flamingos were with me to testify this wonderful moment in the mother nature.

Emerson Murakami is a landscape photographer living in Sao Paulo - Brazil "For me, photography is a poetry written with light in a fraction of seconds." Emerson starts shooting when most people are asleep and usually in hard to reach places. Walking through the dark of night, at dawn your camera is ready to capture the soul of the twilight light. The mystery of his images floats between seeing, feeling and reason; a painting with light in a world of peace. The minimalist landscapes provoke calm, contemplation, meditation or inner peace, always with aesthetic elegance.