Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Nudes

Freedom of Water

  • Company
    Marika Pentikainen Photography
  • Photographer
    Marika Pentikainen
  • Technical Info
    Digital Photography,high Resolution Pictures, 1/1000 Sec, F/5.0, Iso 100, 35,00mm
  • Photo Date

Through photographing emotions, I form a direct connection to people and can see how each person adapts and blends into nature, and I find the combination of these two elements very interesting. For me, nudity reveals a person in their own natural, genuine and open state which has to be seen as more than something superficial. It’s also a state in which a person is at their most vulnerable, and that should be respected. In my photographs, and especially in this series seeing a person in their most natural state together with the natural element of water is the fact that my subjects can be free