Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 People / Portrait

Impermanent Masks

  • Company
    Aum Graphic Design
  • Photographer
    Alessandro Celante
  • Technical Info
    Experience Project With People Inside The Water With Dry Ice, Simulate Lost Of Perception.
  • Photo Date

Formerly they granted existence and perpetuated permanence, they supplanted and mocked death as vestiges of legacies punctuated by representations of the existence of the human double. Imagery reliquaries stimulated the accumulation of transfigured absence in presence. A palimpsest tried to turn everything into contradictions and volatilised the vestiges in liquefaction of ephemeral cultures, which no longer counted to define us. We are our own vestiges wandering through impermanent avatars that dress us with a faint cultural skin in constant transformation. Ephemerides in search of meaning.