Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Book / Documentary

Black Joy and Resistance

  • Company
    Waheedpix Llc
  • Photographer
    Adreinne Waheed
  • Technical Info
    Shot With Nikon D750, Sony G10, Canon 6d
  • Photo Date

What if the country you were born into did not value your existence? What if the authorities in your country of birth over-policed, jailed and even killed people that look like you without fair and due process? What if it was controversial just to say that your life matters?This is the political and social atmosphere from which "Black Joy and Resistance" was birthed. This is a love letter to people of the African Diaspora, from Brooklyn to Salvador to Johannesburg and around the globe. These images depict proud and joyful people, freely expressing their culture and resisting oppression.

Waheed is photographer and photo editor based in Brooklyn, NY and Berkeley, CA. She has been making images since age 13. Her work has been published by The New York Times, The Fader, Crisis, Scholastic, and Time Inc. Books. She has exhibited at Rush Arts, The Corridor Gallery, The Underground Museum, and the Long Gallery, Harlem.? As photo editor, she has produced and directed shoots for publications including Vibe, King and Essence. Her photo research work can be seen in the books Prince: A Tribute to his Royal Badness and Black Women in Hollywood: A Salute to Trailblazers at the Oscars.