Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Architecture / Interiors


  • Photographer
    Stephane Navailles
  • Photo Date

Bonsoir le graphisme qui nous entoure nous enveloppe.

I have been practising photo since 1993, the year when I discovered San Francisco, its tramcars and hip hop culture.The town appealed to me as much as in my memory of the film Bullit, I'd seen a few years before. Above all, urbangraffs engrossed my interest: they meant a lot to me.Back in Paris a bad "guy" named burn-out ingratiated itself into my professional existence. Nothing made senseto me any more. I even pawned my favourite camera ! After months and months of "nothingness", my horizonopened up again to the beauty of lines, curves, people, in black and white or in colors.