Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Abstract

Nothing Is Random

  • Company
    Everything Is Full Of Gods
  • Photographer
    Rodrigo Etcheto
  • Technical Info
    Medium Format Digital Sensor, 90mm Lens, 210mm Lens
  • Photo Date
    Aug 2018

A truly random universe would have random natural laws. There is no reason to think it would have any order, much less life, much less consciousness. Yet in our universe we don't see chaos, we see order. We see natural laws forming planets, animals and our emotional lives.In this series I explore the order created by falling water. Although seemingly chaotic, when seen from a different perspective falling water creates shapes and shows its essential underlying order.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Rodrigo began his excursions into the forests, mountains and coast as an exercise in philosophical contemplation. As an adherent of the Stoics, he practices the Stoic technique of writing and contemplation of nature as spiritual exercises.Long meditations surrounded by the beauty of the forests and coastline eventually led him to realize that photography permitted a new method of communicating, at times more powerful than the written word.An avid reader and student of philosophy, Rodrigo derives much of his inspiration from the works of the ancient Stoics