Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Fine Art / Other

Drag Me

  • Company
    Kako Abraham
  • Photographer
    Kako Abraham
  • Photo Date

Drag Me by Kako Abraham is a photographic series starring five drag queens from the United States. These are real artistic characters, created to attract, entertain and shock on a stage. Drag Me is a performance must remain forever immortalized. Here and now.

Kako Abraham creates new imaginary worlds through photography. Conceptualizes in the form of pictures. The characters, scenes and situations that he conceives are dramatic and profound in a way that might turn abstract.He create immersive pieces of art that challenge all the senses. You can almost smell bodies. Listen to the rain. Feel the textures. They are eye-catching and sophisticated images full of complex emotions that you can feel under your skin. And they won’t let go.Kako´s work is shocking. It makes you think. React. That is why it´s not suitable for frivolous or prudish.