Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 People / Life Style

Punk Cinderella

  • Photographer
    Roberto Scordino
  • Photo Date
    spring-summer 2018

People modify their body from the beginning of times, anyone have his own motivation. Manzana start tattoo her body when she was 18 because her father deny her to have a tattoo so she leaved home, got her first tattoo and never stopped doing that. Soon later she started tattoo other people. She worked for long time in tattoo studios but everytime, being a female, was forced to do cleaning. She so decide to start working in her home where she lives with her lover and other modified artist guys. All of them work in body modifications, all of them are heavily modified and are happy being so.

Roberto Scordino is a photographer born and based in Rome. He started to photograph only at the end of 2015 but he has worked for a long time with multimedia projects and has been a VJ starting in 1999 back to the times of vhs. In the last years he studied photography, among others, with awards winners photographers like Fausto Podavini, Giovanni Cocco and Paolo Marchetti. He loves most landscape photography and reportage as a way of storytelling. Relatively new at photography is working very hard to master all aspect of it.