Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Editorial / Photo Essay

Panem Et Circenses

  • Photographer
    Rober Amado

Granulated, blurred and out of focus. Raw and hard. The Rapa das Bestas has become a circus. Hundreds of cameras observe what is still authentic. Sweat and smell of shit. Applause. A man protests among the public because he can not see the one of the umbrella in front of him. The sun falls to the ground. Fans, drinks, beers, music bagpipers and pandereteiras. And in the pit, in the "curro", blows against the wall, neighing, snorting, horsehair jumping like splinters, bruises, cuts and bruises. "Aloitadores" climbing on the backs of wild horses, cutting mane. They want to see blood and sweat.