Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Nature / Panoramic

Braies Lake

  • Photographer
    Mauro Mauro
  • Technical Info
    Two Row Panorama (5 Shots Each Row); [nikon D750 , Tamron 15-30 @15mm] 239sec, F/4, Iso 6400 Tracked
  • Photo Date

One of the most famous lakes of the Dolomiti! The lago of Braies, a show set among its mountains, which stands out for its emerald color. A destination for hundreds of photographers every day and of course I could not stop. The idea was to create something unusual and not yet seen for this location, the sky that evening was unexpectedly clear and clean, clouds inexistent and visibility at the top!The Andromeda galaxy was strongly noted towards the north-east while the nucleus of the Milky Way attracted attention to the south.

Born in the province of Naples in 1989,I have always been fascinated by photography since I was a child. With the technological development I have always looked with interest to every electronic device that had particular photographic performances until, one day, I had the courage to buy my first SLR. I immediately felt a strong interest in what is the world of landscape and nature.