Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Science / Environment

The Chosen Ones 2

  • Photographer
    Daniel Wahlberg
  • Photo Date

This is a documentary of holy animals. It was important to have a story of both spiritual and social character. The Surroundings and the environmental aspect became very important. Also the connection with the people was something that caught my interest in an early stage.I chose three subjects for this project, Langur Monkeys, Cows and Dogs. The Monkeys are holy for the story of Hanuman (a monkey god) and the epic of Ramayana. Cows are holy for several reasons but one is for there status as one of seven mothers of the earth. Dogs are thought to be a messenger of Yama, the angel of death.

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1978. I graduated from GFU (folkuniveritetet), Stockholm 2004, before furthering my studies at Fotoskolan i Stockholm where I graduated in 2006.I am a melancholy Artist, interested in nature in all its form, both from the countryside and city. My photographic style consist of roughness, contrasts, beauty and environmental content.I grew up on a 4H farm just outside Stockholm/Sweden and not too far from where I now have my home. Here I find the contrasts of the city and the country life that I need to create the ideas that is close to me.