Honorable Mention TOKYO-2018 Nature / Trees


  • Company
    Wen Chih Huang
  • Photographer
    Wen Chih Huang
  • Photo Date

When human no longer fear and respect Mother Nature, we begin to ruthlessly and stubbornly wrestle for survival space from her. Yet the reckless conquer of the artificial creations cannot snuff out the fertile Nature. Instead, the bountiful Nature greets us with grace and serenity, wishing that all can coexist peacefully on this same piece of land.

Believer in the spirits of all living things. Through photography each of our beautiful stories can be told. Inspired by Buddhist teachings, Wen Chih Huang believes all living things have a spirit, and all things mundane are impermanent. Each encounter is the result of fate, as is the process of photography – each image captures a single moment in life. Using single-lens cameras and cell phones, each of his photographs record a moment, an encounter. Over time, these records begin to influence each other, forming their own story and starting a dialogue between us all.