Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 People / Family

A Loving Embrace

  • Photographer
    John Low

It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Bhaktapur, Nepal. As the sun slowly creeps up upon us, I decided to brave the cold and explored the ancient city armed with layers of clothes and my trusty DSLR. Wandering towards Pottery Square, I spotted a dual of local children cheerfully running around, carefully avoiding the traditionally hand-spun pots sun-baking on the ground. As their mother called them, they ran towards her loving embrace just in time for me to snap this beautiful moment. This scene sparked a memory and took me back to a familiar time where my younger brother and I used to fool around our front yard fighting imaginary monsters while waiting for our mother to call us back for dinner. Nothing beats a mother’s embrace that warms up our soul, like the sun on a cold winter morning.