Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 People / Children

Childhood is a blessing

  • Photographer
    Farida Alam

Childhood is the only time that can perfectly embrace love and happiness. Unaffected by hatred or greed, these years are the architect of the most beautiful moments. In this picture, the little angel is pretending to be a mannequin. Her world does not circulate around expensive materialistic aspects, but she is content with whatever she has. Heaven itself smiles at this sheer expression of fulfillment.

I am Farida Alam. Professionally I come from a business background but Photography is my passion. Exploring people and their different cultures is the area of my interest. My inspiration for photography comes from the people and my surroundings. I love to meet people from different communities and experience other cultures. I have completed basic and foundation courses on Photography from “Pathshala South Asian Media Institute" and later on completed my Diploma from Alliance Française de Dhaka. I have participated in workshops conducted by Abir Abdullah, Saiful Huq Omi, and GMB Akash.