Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Book / Documnetry

Women and Children of Rohingya Refugee Survivor's

  • Photographer

Documenting series Women and Children of Rohingya Refugee Survivors, who fled from an army brutal crackdown during Myanmar persecution. As a photographer of this era, all I can do is to document the painful stories of Women and Children of Rohingya’s and their living situation, who are survived in the unbelievable cruelty and living with new hope at Kutupolong refugee Makeshift camp near Bangladesh. Most of them in the camp are women and children, they almost lost everything in their life but each one of them shared haunting stories from rape to mass murderer of their family members. Some were forced to watch husband and parents were executed and burned villages to the ground. This ongoing project series consists of Rohingya Mother’s , under and young girls marriage to an older man in Rohingya Community and Children of Rohingyas. I believe photography can motive people to turn thinking into doing , what I can do is to photograph the situation and show the reality to the world and try to create a reaction in those who have power to change the situation and compassions with their pain as a human being.