Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Photographer
    Cristian Townsend

A triptych about the cycle of life. The model is Ibuki Kuramochi, a Japanese Butoh performer and artist. The artworks were painted by her on the day of the shoot, based on my ideas. She also did her own body paint to become one with her artworks.

Cristian Townsend is a West Australian, Fine Art Photographer, living and working in Osaka, Japan. Specialising in dreamlike photomontages that endeavour to question and push boundaries. Inspired by Surrealism's provocation and Buddhist philosophy. His work playfully juxtaposes ideas, in order to, like a Zen Koen, see beyond our cultural conventions. To seek truth. His Photomontages use motifs from Classical to Modernist Art, From war-time Propaganda to Modern Advertising, the Cinema, the Mass Media and Science Fiction. "Everything should be questioned and everything should be explored. Art