Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Nudes

What makes nude?

  • Photographer
    JunYoung Jang

What defines ‘nude’? a specific point of human body? Or just the meaning of word? The woman covers her body more than a woman wearing a bikini, a mini skirt, or lingerie in this image. However, people will say this image is a ‘nude’, is ‘sexual’, and is ‘obscene’ when they see the photos. Gender equality is a subtle point in this photograph, due to this topic being a big issue these days. I am always thinking about this agenda as a photographer. Almost all Internet websites prohibit showing of a woman’s nipple, but not a man’s nipple. People have a fixed idea of what ‘nude’, ‘sexual’ and ‘obscene’ images are. Actually, the notion of sexual is changing within each era and people become silent about irrespective sex. I did this work for this purpose, not just for a fashion or fine art nude, because it is not just about nude photography like cliche images. I am sick of the typical fine art nude images, and I want to see the viewer’s reaction to this work. Then I can get an answer of what makes nude.