Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Davide Cassinari

Everything changes, in a constant and continuous flux, everything that surrounds us and everything that constitutes us at any given moment. Life itself would not be possible without impermanence. Its creative force needs impermanence to be able to pass through and permeate all of reality. Yet we often suffer because of impermanence since we, mistakenly, believe things to be durable. This suffering is the starting point of “Impermanenza.” I arranged compositions of flowers, leaves and branches. The long exposure time of daguerreotypes and the heat from the tungsten lights allowed the flowers to wither in the course of each shot. In an attempt to capture a fragment of life, each plate retains the trace of each flower’s passing. Each in its own way. Technical notes: Becquerel daguerreotypes size 10cm x 8,6cm

Davide Cassinari is an Italian photographer living in Paris since 2011. His professional background has led him to work for years as a photographer assistant in fashion and still life photography. Davide Cassinari develops his thinking not by words, but by images. He questions spirituality and deepens a philosophy strongly influenced by Buddhism and oriental thought. His work revolves around perception of the self and one’s environment as well as the potential in each human being.