Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Abstract

Sparkle in the Light

  • Photographer
    Daniel Munteanu

Using the intentional camera movement technique (ICM), I have experimented with special materials(clothing made in-house) and movements, in order to catch light in the form of light trails, streaks or particle motion. By combining two movements, both that of the photo camera and that of the characters in action, I was able to freeze time in a kind light sculptures, from which a real face sometimes comes through. Sometimes abstract, sometimes seeming to disintegrate, unreal and delicate, the sparkle series was born. All photos are straight from the camera and the colors are obtained by using special filters (color and polarizing) directly on the camera lens. Some have black & white treatment.

Daniel Munteanu’s photography moves the focus of photography from capturing images of this reality to creating photographs of different worlds and styles. Having a background in literature and computer graphics, Munteanu always mutates photography from the real to the fantastical, from the 'what is' to the 'what it can become' through imagination. The artist is known for developing carefully staged images in the studio and outdoors, inventing the image instead of using the ready-made, crafting a photograph that depicts reality in an unreal or surreal way.