Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Editorial / Photo Essay

Live and Die on Sukhumvit Rd.

  • Photographer
    Cosimo Manlio De Pasquale

Bangkok is a city I love, it's warmer than hell, a place that never sleeps, a city exploding life h24,it is full o stories to tell in wich I will never feel bored to walk alone with my camera. This collection of shots (making part of a bigger project) was born wandering at night along the Sukhumvit Rd., that is more than just a simple road, it is a long human story of kilometers in which there is an extreme alternation of extremely sweet scenes and strong and sad stories, a "human zoo" in a dystopian atmosphere that reminds me to the mood of Blade Runner movie"

The passion for photography was born by traveling, for the need to freeze an emotion, to fix it forever and to have the chance to revive it, then matured also in an emotional quest for the daily life, but the journey gives me the opportunity to tell and remember the places through always unknown emotions, because I never know what to expect from a new place, and often some emotions remain connected elsewhere, photography is a way to keep in touch