Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Portfolio / Fine Art_PO


  • Photographer
    Betina Samaia

As a psychologist, I’m interested in exploring the unconscious with my camera. My work mixes night photos with light painting. I like to photograph places that normally do not lend themselves to photographs, full of mystery, pregnant of possibilities. Night is the perfect metaphor for art – there lies my fascination with it. Art is the biggest mystery. The more we know about it the less we know. By lightening details of night’s vastness I am trying to expose its secrets. Night is ambiguous, unfathomable. But it also reveals the infinite, the shadows, the stars and the far away lights of town. When your eyes get accustomed to darkness it vanishes revealing night’s simplicity – and impossible complexity. By revealing night’s delicate silence, the fog hiding the dormant secrets of the unconscious dissipates into a breath of light.

Born in São Paulo (Brazil), in 1964, Betina Samaia holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and seeks to capture images from the unconscious, freely moving between past and present, reality and imagination. With series like “The Choreography of Chaos”, “Nocturnes”, “Amazon – The End of Green”, “India – Memories of the Unseen”, she has participated in several solo and group exhibits in Brazil, France and the United States. Over the past decade, her photo essays have been featured in Espace des Arts Sans Frontières (Paris), La Quatrième I