Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Special Effects


  • Photographer

a set of manipulated black and white portraits, landscapes, architectural and other shots designed to invoke my own 'cinematic' visions, with a strong homage to the the cinema of Film Noir and the early horror movies of the 1920's - 50's. My influences here are more cinematic than photographic. Think Lang, Hitchcock, Welles or Wilder transposed through the lens of a contemporary photographer.

Jack Savage is a fine art photographer and digital artist. Born in Northampton, England (1980) - He was educated at Nottingham University, where he carries an MA in American Studies and Film. Winner of over 100 international professional photography awards - he owns a large studio in Northampton, England, from which he conducts mentoring, professional fine art portraiture and photoshop and photography training. To date Jack's works have been exhibited in Milan, Italy - Siena, Italy - Athens, Greece - Arles, France - Los Angeles, USA - & Glasgow, Brighton & London, UK.