Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Portrait


  • Photographer
    Michael Jantzen

Masqueraders Masqueraders, is a series of photomontages partially made from images of some of my sculptures and architectural models, as well as images of various people. The images of my sculptures and architectural models were placed into my computer where they were isolated from their original backgrounds, manipulated in various ways, in most cases clustered together, and reconstructed back into symmetrical montages. The images of the people were also isolated from their original backgrounds. I then replaced the heads of the people with the photomontages made from my sculptures and architectural models. I added images of my eyes to the symmetrical montages in the appropriate locations that symbolically refer to the eyes of the people. I then placed the people with their new heads, into various public environments. I have always been fascinated by the fact that within nearly any image (that has been doubled) one can often find a visual reference to a face, especially if eyes are added to the image. In this case, since I am the designer of the original objects that were photographed to create the photomontages, the addition of images of my eyes seems very appropriate to give symbolic life to these new formations, which are now worn as masks by the various people. In general, my intention here is to create images that have never been seen before, juxtaposed to the bodies of the people, and their surroundings. This need to invent new images is a personal requirement that I continually seek in my ongoing explorations into the making of art. In addition, I hope that these photomontages will inspire the viewers to imagine stories about the masks and the people who are wearing them.