Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Portfolio / Fine Art_PO

Street still lifes

  • Photographer
    Stanislav Sitnikov

Street still lifes Art project. The forgotten, used or thrown objects appear and disappear on city streets. Life of the city creates, changes and destroys these compositions. Daily objects, packing plastic glasses or packages from fast food, objects turn into an art. Interacting with a background of the urban environment, they find, change and get out of a shape and color, getting the esthetics. At each subject the short life, the stories. Simple, daily of life of the big city. This project – outlook on life of the megalopolis from the street, still lifes of city life. In this project I take objects from a context of city life and, placing them in space of color, I investigate color and forms of daily occurrence in details. The presented series of works – a part of the big project. Pictures for a series have been taken in New York, on streets of Manhattan in 2017.