Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Portrait

Masterskill Chef

  • Photographer
    Jamal Nasir

The picture was taken in early 2017 in Putrajaya,Malaysia. I happened to bumped into a childhood friend who is working at a well known hotel there. Then jokingly I asked him if he would like to take pictures with the style I wanted and he agreed to present the skill he has. Feeling excited as he agreed, I did not waste anymore time and starts preparing the necessary materials. The reason I want to capture the moment is because I want to do something different and indirectly to diversify the art from a different angle.

Starting with the interest of photographing is unnoticed as it is more likely to flow of watercolor painting. Then gradually change the direction to try to learn the technique of drawing using by the camera. Photographer Jamal Nasir have been working at Lensa Retak Services since 2012. He works on various range of images inclusive of 'realistic but categorically non-real'.