Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Landscape

Canadian True North

  • Photographer
    Michel Thibert

1-The questions that I asked myself What makes the inhabitants stay in this environment? What makes them leave? How can we reduce the hard feelings between the south and North societies? How can one enter into the True North Nature? 2-This art's collection is about Capturing and evoking the landscape infinity of our true north. I record reality and interpret it to show my emotions related to those inaccessible landscapes. 3-How do I feel Nature for this collection? Feel and hear the earth and snow through his footsteps. Stars establish magnitude of our inner bubble. See the wind harass our being in True North. Its an immersive experience. 4-What I am looking for, in sharing these emotions? Optimism, concern, serenity, trust, surprise, love for this specific face of Mother Nature. 5-Why am I doing it? I am comfortable in a non-predictive environment that is dominated by the true north nature. The foreseen moods are: exhilarated, privileged, calm and well-being. My two passions are inter-dependent. I need to be a pilot to gain frequent access to inaccessible Arctic destinations year round. I also need an artistic outlet to share the feelings evoked experiencing some of the most rarely seen landscapes from the farthest corners of the Canadian Arctic.