Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Abstract

City Anonymity

  • Photographer
    Lisa Saltzman

City Anonymity- In cities, most encounters with people on the street are fleeting and peripheral. People appear and disappear from view almost before we have a chance to register their presence. There is, perhaps, an instant in our perception where the casual subject is held steady but the image is already blurred even further by a prior instant and degraded even further by the speed at which they become a memory never fully known. Capturing my subjects the way I do, in the midst of their fleetingness, where time is slightly stretched, renders the, extraordinary, unfamiliar with no possibility of recognition but also strangely sculptural.

Saltzman began her photographic career running an advertising and promotional merchandise company in which she created much of the work she produced. Her affinity for the arts was inspired by her parents who are passionate collectors and art patrons.[1] Later on, she studied contemporary arts at Christie's and the International Center for Photography, helping influence some of her fine art work that would come. She has had a successful commercial photography career, even being elected a Board Member of the New York chapter of the American Photographic Artists.[2] Her commercial clients include