Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Abstract

White Jade

  • Photographer
    Dodo(Xinyu Zhang)

. I am Chinese woman born at the end of 80s, In my growing up time, I witnessed and experienced dramatic developments in science and technology. They gradually became part of my and my people’s life. My aunt got cosmetic eyelid surgery in the 90s. My friends made surgery tours to Korea. Every day millions of Chinese women make online orders of cosmetics from overseas. Every Chinese girl must have a beauty camera phone app. Asian women’s pursuit of beauty has entered a phase of madness. It’s clear that most of these products follow one certain standard of Asian beauty: pale and smooth skin, big eyes, small face, and a thin body shape. These standards define an “innocent” Asian taste for the softly erotic. Again, formally speaking, we claim that we are freely pursuing our own self-value. What interests me is if these are the values we are really need; and how do we/they they define we do need? When I was young, we either choose to follow trends, or to judge those who are following. Do we choose what we accept as the right value? It’s a complex question, and one that’s not so easy to answer. In 2015, I started a series, the “White Jade”projrct. It is a study of how I feel about consumer beauty as an Asian woman in a society based on the beauty standard of pale skin color. I tried to visualize self-drowning and drowning into that value.