Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Portfolio / Personal

Tale of a Utopia

  • Photographer
    Attilio Bixio

In Basilicata, south Italy, a large “land reform” was made by the Government in the 50’s of the 20th Century, whereby many fields were assigned to agricultural workers that didn’t own any. It was a great social utopia, but afterwards the small farmhouses they built were almost all abandoned, and now the area is a large expanse of wheat fields, with few lonely houses, some of them collapsed. Nevertheless, all of them appear such as they have always been part of the surrounding landscape. They create minimal and graphical landscapes, where you will only see a few signs of the human life, such a plowed field with an abandoned farmhouse or a tree. And the sky. Nothing else.

I live in Potenza, Italy, where I work as a green building engineer. My attention is directed mainly to document the territory where I live, through urban photography and landscapes, in which I'm always searching for traces of human presence. I often focus on spaces that can tell us something about people living and using them, even beyond their aestethic appearance. I have a minimalist approach to the world of photography. I think that in photography it’s better to subtract things rather than to add them. Simplicity for me it is a value.