Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Advertising / Beauty

Africa The Forgotten Continent

  • Photographer
    Peyman Naderi

You might all be familiar with the concept of poverty in Africa. If you have once experienced destitution in your life you’d understand what those people are going through. This idea had been stuck in my mind for days and I wanted to create a state of consciousness in people by taking this photo. Some might say “Why not talk about poverty in your own country?” That is true in a sense, but in my country the proportional welfare is fitting and there are people with the ability to donate and help. But after seeing the photo of that one thin African boy who lost his life of starvation due to poverty, I decided to take these photos and dedicate them to the people of Africa. You might ask why the model of this photo is European and not of African race; The reason is to create a bridge between nations and show that we’re all human beings and we are all born on this planet which makes us all ONE. In these photos I tried to represent the power, struggle and innocence of the African people.