Honorable Mention TOKYO-2017 Fine Art / Abstract


  • Photographer
    Aliocha Merker

"EQUAL ONLY IN THE BEGINNING YOU FEIGN TO BE FORM AND STEAL FORMS BREAKING POINT BLINDING LIGHT THAT PREVENTS SIGHT EVERYTHING FADES OUT THEN THE LIGHT COMES BACK" Pallade Atena, by A.C. Bianchi “Divine Cracks” represents the idealisation of the feminine essence as the source of creative rebirth, an ode to woman as her whole: life generator/object of male desire/regent of the universal order. After a painful personal event I needed to get back in touch with my masculine side and confront my torn relation to women (mother, ex-wife, lovers…); to do so I simply had to get closer to the mystery of womanhood, chasing my very own vision of Courbet’s “Origine du Monde”. I started by reprinting an old negative of mine, pushing the contrast and exposure to the limit. The result I got I thought was extraordinary in its abstractness: an image that was at the same time eerily erotic and confusely evocative. I decided I would need to take this experiment further and turn it into a project. I found that the strong contrast of the print together with the detail of the framing generated an abstraction of the human body, almost as if it were the marble statue of a classical “divinity”. The anatomic detail would be subtly revealed within the black of the line confining the erotic tension to an almost subconscious level. The result formed a “crack” (inspired by Lucio Fontana’s revolutionary cuts) in the white idyll of the paper, a fracture that shatters all certainties of the male universe, a slight discomfort, a faint embarassment... the photographic medium reminds the viewer that everything is real, attainable, earthly yet uncanny. In the end every single image takes a life of its own, mutating into anything anyone sees in it. The images don’t bear names, only numbers, making all the subjects equivalent, at the same time different from one another, thus sanctioning the uniqueness of each and every woman.