Nature and Culture

  • Photographer
    Yvon Jolivet

In recent years, I undertook a deep research to illustrate and highlight not only the beauty but also the duality between nature and culture. Several lectures on calligraphy, both in the different styles of writing as their evolution over time, allowed me to deepen my knowledge in calligraphy. Choosing a cursive Chinese calligraphy came to me not only because of his seniority, estimated dates from ± 5000 years, but also by its cursive free style 'Coashu' also called 'Grass'. From this, what better could be required to join the herbs shapes and movements from here, near our St-Lawrence River (Quebec, Canada). Within this photographic series, a Coashu calligraphy is integrated with grass shadows on the snow. Calligraphy insert in each photograph represent the title of the photographic work.

Yvon Jolivet is a self-taught canadian artist born in Quebec. His photographic approach has tended to highlight the natural environment by the symbolism that emerges from it and the deep meaning of photograph in the human psyche. This allows him to bring a new meaning of the forms in space and time and break the natural rhythm which govern our environment.