TIFA 2021 Architecture / Bridges

Devils Bridge

  • Prize
    Silver in Architecture/Bridges
  • Photographer
    Steffen Reichardt
  • Technical Info
    Long Exposure 240 Sec.
  • Photo Date

The Kromlau Azalea and Rhododendron Park is an 80-hectare (200-acre) landscaped park in Gablenz, Germany, built during the nineteenth century, reportedly on the grounds of a former feudal estate by Friedrich Herrmann Rötschke. The park is an example of an English landscape garden, and it contains many small ponds and lakes. It is known for the Rakotzbrücke, a bridge especially built to create a circle when it is reflected in the water beneath it. The Rakotzbrücke (also known as Teufelsbrücke, meaning "the Devil's Bridge") is 35 meters long and spans Rakotz lake