TIFA 2021 Nature / Wildlife


  • Prize
    Silver in Nature/Wildlife
  • Photographer
    Perdita Petzl
  • Agency / Studio
    Perdita Petzl
  • Technical Info
    All Photos Were Shot In Nature, Using A Tripod And A Remote Release.
  • Photo Date

Mantids are fascinating critter for me. All phots were taken in their natural habitat in autumnal settings – including the thriving environment and natural structures. Subjects: Mantis religiosa (Austria) and Ameles spec.(Italy). Bokeh is not created by Photoshop, it's out of cam. Only minor post processing in LR.

Since childhood I feel a strong bond with nature. When I started photography back in 2010, it was immediately clear that I would find my subjects in nature as well. From the very beginning I was particularly fascinated by macrophotography. Initially, I was more interested in large image scales, nowadays - in contrast to classical macro photography - I always try to put insects in direct relation with their environment and show them in their natural habitats, beautiful blooming meadows for example.