TIFA 2021 Editorial / Fashion

Desert Fashion Circus

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Fashion
  • Photographer
    Evan Bennett Siegel
  • Agency / Studio
    Coastal Images
  • Technical Info
    Taken In Natural Light With Fujifilm Gfx100 Bodies And Various Gfx Lenses In The Mojave Desert
  • Photo Date
    May, 2021

These images were captured in the northern Mojave desert in Nevada in late May, 2021, in natural light, Fujifilm GFX100 digital camera bodies and various GF lenses. The theme of the three day shoot was fashion models in nature combined with various animals to create unplanned unplanned interplay and interaction of models and animals. Shooting conditions ranged from very hot and windy, to quite cold and still, and everything in between. The time of day for the shooting was in the mid to late afternoon. A most challenging and fulfilling experience.