TOKYO-2020 Editorial / Environmental


  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Environmental
  • Company
    Rakesh Pulapa
  • Photographer
    Rakesh Pulapa
  • Photo Date
    20th December 2018 & 17: 22 (IST)

I was traveling around Kakinada town in the Southern State of India when I happen to see these houses in confined spaces. the curiosity in me led to check the Google Earth images & I was shocked to see so many houses with almost no roads or Mangroves which are crucial for the coastal ecosystem. Today half of the world’s mangroves, which is about about 32 million hectares, have already been cleared or destroyed – and those that remain are visibly under direct threat. So, through my picture, i want to convey only one message that we must co-exist with our ecosystem and vice-versa.