TOKYO-2020 People / Family

Time... Stay Still!

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Family
  • Company
    But Natural Photography
  • Photographer
    Sujata Setia
  • Technical Info
    Nikon D800, 135mm F2 Dc Shot At 135mm, F2, 1/500 Sec, Iso 250
  • Photo Date
    30th September 2018

When I look back at all my family photos, there is not a single image with my grandparents. There are images with mom, dad, even with my dog, but none with my grandparents. And those were the two people I loved the most. And so, I have sworn that whichever country I will travel to now... I will make sure to photograph a grandor great grandparent with their grandchild; for how often really do we get our grandparents into the frame? And not only has this project helped me rebuild memories of my childhood in a way... meeting and interacting with elderlies has really taught me so much about life.