TOKYO-2020 Editorial / Photo Essay

Home, Sweet Home. The World Behind Closed Doors.

  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial/Photo Essay
  • Company
    Lucia Herrero
  • Photographer
    Lucia Herrero
  • Technical Info
    Distant Photography: Mobile Phone. Video-call And Screenshot. 120 Photos Total.
  • Photo Date

During confinement, I photographed people all over the world inside their homes. I travelled around the globe from my own living room. My photographs, taken through phone screens is my logbook, my way of trying to understand. It is a great puzzle made up complex mini pieces. 120photos I make a videocall ending with a screenshot. The composition is cinematographic. Pixelation is a signifier of distance and the difficulty of reaching somewhere. This is a philosophical and experimental approach to photography storytelling. How far can I go by jumping exponentially from contact to contact?

Lucía studied Architecture, Photography and Physical Theatre. The study of these three branches of art and her experiences travelling the world has shaped Lucia as the artist she is now. Lucia is an artist whose work has won international prizes. Her style in documentary/art photography has been widely exhibited and published from all over the world. She has developed an approach to documentary photography called by her Antropología Fantástica (a mixture between social science and artistic intervention). She portraits people and cultures with both drama and fantasy elements.