TOKYO-2019 Science / Medicine

The Freediver Between Pirarucus

  • Prize
    Silver in Science/Medicine
  • Company
    Camilo Diaz
  • Photographer
    Camilo Diaz

Free diver Sofia Gomez Uribe participated in a scientific study in an aquarium to have her body's functions tested under extreme underwater conditions. the free diver was subjected simultaneously to an echo cardiograph, an ultrasound, an electrocardiogram and oximetry. The tests were designed to measure and record the physiological, electrical and acoustic operation of Gomez's heart. The results of the study were released by electrical engineer Jorge Reynolds, the inventor of the first external cardiac pacemaker, and cardiologist Dagnovar Aristizabal. she has 3 world records as a freediver

Camilo Diaz, born 1981 in Medellin, Colombia, studied Visual Arts at the National University of Colombia and further Fashion Photography, Advertising and Film Studies at various Universities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His artistic work focuses on the intimate portrayal of people and their immediate lives and surroundings. More than a depiction, his photographs reveal an intimate discovery and allow shared momentum. His subjects are not strangers but rather people with whom he enters a story.