TOKYO-2019 Advertising / Fashion

Balenciaga Summer 2019 Campaign

  • Prize
    Gold in Advertising/Fashion, 1st Place winner in Advertising
  • Company
    Robert Yager Photography
  • Photographer
    Robert Yager
  • Technical Info
    Various Exposures Nikon D850 Full Frame Sensor
  • Photo Date
    11/15/2018 & 11/16/2019

Inspired by Yager's black and white gang series from the 1990's, Balenciaga asked him to shoot their fashions in the same gritty way, with models in Upstate New York, for their Summer 2019 worldwide campaign. It was November and a snow storm occurred. Balenciaga agreed to have snow in the background at this time of Climate Change.

Robert Yager grew up in London, England. In 1985, at 21, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue Photography. He started documenting Los Angeles gang members in 1991 and gained considerable notoriety for this work. He became an editorial photographer for publications such as The New York Times Magazine and UK's The Observer and The Independent Magazines. Yager was hired to tour with Van Halen and document David Lee Roth's return to the band in 2007 and 08. Yager was awarded a fellowship by the Aaron Siskind Foundation in 1996 and his work has been exhibited and published worldwide.