TOKYO-2019 Nature / Panoramic

Meditative Landscapes

  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature/Panoramic
  • Photographer
    Simon Gruber
  • Photo Date

medidative landscapes of iceland is a series made during a few days trekking trip in southern iceland in 2018. The pictures show the magnificent wilderness of nature in iceland and I try to convey a feeling through my pictures beside of the visual perception.

Grown up in the nature of the austrian „Mühlviertel“, Simon Gruber discovered in early years his love and deep connection to the nature, which he tried to picture with his camera later. Far away from home, through trekking trips to lonely places all over the world, Simon intensified this passion for nature in all of its facets. The continuous engagement with the personal perception and what one is able to express in his pictures, caused him to experience with the camera to find his own creative identity.