TOKYO-2019 Fine Art / Other

Theory of Relativity of H2O

  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art/Other
  • Photographer
    Martina Vejlupkova M A T H É

Theory of Relativity of H2O is a series of 5 pictures focused on the topic of consumption and worldwide irrational overuse of water. As in our modern world we are more used to change, damage, not maintain or repair our things, plants or relationships. This series of photographs is stressing out important things in our lives. Titles: - Spaghetti western - Polished misery - Summer cut - Retro salon - Earthworm´s day

Mathé is a Czech photographer living in South Morava. The greater part of Mathé’s work is modern, conceptual photography with touches of surrealism; a clean style created through the use of simple lines, balanced colours and retro elements. The photographs express her state of mind, the paradoxes of life and death together with flashes of absurd humour. By contrast, Mathé’s still life photographs are how she communicates most naturally but she still manages to surprise the viewer through her freedom of expression and absolute control of the created scene.