TOKYO-2019 Advertising / Music

Rich Webb

  • Prize
    Bronze in Advertising/Music
  • Photographer
    Brence Coghill
  • Agency / Studio
    Image Workshop
  • Technical Info
    Wet Plate Collodion Image On 8x10” Aluminium Plate. Bulb, Iso 3 (approx.), F4.5.
  • Photo Date
    April 2019

Portrait of alt-country singer-songwriter Rich Webb using the mid-1850s wet plate collodion process. This image was used by Rich for the cover art of his single ‘Me and My Horse Trigger’, a song about nostalgia and people wanting to revisit an imagined simpler time in the past.

Melbourne-based commercial and portrait photographer Brence Coghill is driven by moments of authenticity and connection. Conveying quiet, introspective or unguarded moments, his images vary from striking character portraits through to exploring surreal or conceptual ideas. Brence works with the large format wet plate collodion process, an analogue alt-photography technique from the 1850s. He revels in the ‘controlled chaos’ of wet plate: the sense of alchemy from hands-on manipulation of chemistry and the challenge of trying to control a process that’s inherently wild and unpredictable.