TOKYO-2019 Book / Fine Art

Dezso Szabo: Darkroom

  • Prize
    Silver in Book/Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Dezso Szabo
  • Agency / Studio
    Hungarian Museum Of Photography, Vintage Galéria (budapest), Rómer Museum (győr)
  • Technical Info
    Edition Size: 800 Pages: 156 Photographs: 87 Width: 9 Inch Hight: 10 Inch
  • Photo Date
    11th July, 2019

The Black and White series provide a fresh perspective on the classic solutions of photograms. The unit of Exposed presents works made of photochemical painting technique, mainly photosensitizing solutions, chemicals and study of light. The Limits of Light unit concentrates on photoactive surfaces evoking the connections of classic photography and scientific discoveries. The Scale unit focuses on one particular quality of the silvergelatin print, named as the grey scale. Darkroom will be the accompanying publication at the exhibition of Dezso Szabo Concept Space, Shibukawa, Japan, 2020.