TOKYO-2019 People / Children

Duccio, 10 Years Old.

  • Prize
    Bronze in People/Children
  • Company
    Daniele Colucciello Photograph
  • Photographer
    Daniele Colucciello
  • Technical Info
    Canon 1dx Mark2, Available Light.
  • Photo Date
    June 2019

. The Rugby tournament under 12 was taking place that day. Raining heavily. Suddenly a 10-years-old boy with beautiful blue eyes full of mud all over his body caught my eyes. His blue ocean eyes were standing out in the mud. Right after the game, I called him aside and asked if it was ok for him to be taken a picture. He was a little bit embarrassed, but gently smiled and accepted my offer. This photo delivers the mixture of this 10-years-old boy's little shyness, and a certain strength as a real fighter.